Find Your Coastal Volusia County Dream Home!

Find Your Coastal Volusia County Dream Home!

After spending the better part of their careers in the corporate world and holding top level positions in the area of sales, marketing and business management, Tom & Kelly decided it might be time to make a change. Having been relocated over nine times and never truly having a great REALTOR® experience, they decided that maybe this could be a new endeavor for them. They have never looked back. It’s really not about selling houses; it’s about taking care of people. As in any business, if you take care of your customers, the rest is pretty easy.

Fast Forward: Tom & Kelly are accomplished professionals with almost 40 years in combined experience in residential real estate. Their experience is multi-faceted with an emphasis on sales and marketing, brokerage, and brokerage ownership. Their team serves the Volusia County area as highly respected experts in pricing, marketing, negotiating and selling properties in every price range.

Known for their expertise, experience, integrity and discretion, their customers turn to them for insight on a wide range of real estate matters for they stay current on ever-changing market values and continually fine tune and sharpen their knowledge of the market and sales potential of properties.

Their natural ability for developing long-term and satisfying relationships with both buyers and sellers alike has resulted in Beechler Realty Group being one of the top producers within their served markets. As a result, they have established themselves as the professionals to call when people are looking to make an important real estate decision.

Bottom line: The secret to success is not about Tom or Kelly being Number One, it’s about making their customers Number One.